Restaurant of «Kordon» in Gelendzhik

The Kordon restaurant is housed in the central chalet at the upper Kordon, next to the Hotel.

The eclectic interior with its range of colours, elegant forms and abundance of natural materials makes it look like a Provençal romantic retreat. However, the difference is that the Kordon restaurant interior design is impeccably respectable. Every detail has been thought of, whether the furniture, intricate décor, perfect textiles or the light and transparent tulle. It’s light, elegant, cozy and of high quality.


The Kordon restaurant’s credo is delicious food professionally prepared from authentic ingredients. Our visitors at Kordon are from a vast variety of culinary and dining backgrounds. Therefore, our menus reflect various culinary traditions with temporary themes focusing on classic recipes and signature dishes. The food we prepare is influenced by the seasons and abundance of local foods including vegetables, fish, herbs, and dairy products.

Gourmet Food

Our kitchen staff is convinced that fine dining is not just complicated sauces, exotic foods or magnificent culinary décor. The food we serve at Kordon is country food designed to make our visitors feel content in our wilderness setting. The dishes are rather simple, but precisely prepared from fresh ingredients and their creative combination. Our menus include broths, pickles, jams, compots, and our own fruit drinks as well as locally produced wines. Particular attention is paid to basic products. We use only farm milk, only farm cottage cheese, only farm eggs, and only spring water. Many herbs, leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, and other edibles we grow in our garden at Kordon. From an inventive array of rustic breads to the delicious pastries and confectionery delights, everything is baked on-site, fresh every day from the finest natural ingredients. The real highlight of the restaurant is live fish, of course, including trout and sturgeon from local lakes.


The restaurant houses two halls as well as a cigar lounge with a library. The outdoor terraces offer scenic views of the lake. You can book special events and celebrations in any of the two halls.

The banquet area of the Large Hall is for 35 people.

The Small Hall is for 16 people.

Rental price depends on the season.

Book a table: +7 (861) 414-50-04 from 10 am to 11:30 pm