History of "Kordon"

In Soviet times, the current territory of Country Club Kordon hosted fire ponds of the Gelendzhik forestry. The place was better known as Pogodinskaya Dacha (the country cottage belonging to the local Communist Party leader Nikolai Pogodin). It was a closed area and inaccessible to mere mortals.

Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev became fascinated by the beauty of the place and often visited it. He and his friends and comrades-in-arms of the Eastern bloc liked to stay at the Kordon on weekends. They would fish and recreate themselves here after their hard labour for the public good.

During the turbulent 1990s, the property was left ownerless and was occasionally raided by wild campers.

However, the Kupriyanova Shchel (Kupriyan Clove) acquired a new and enterprising owner more than 10 years ago. It was Country Club Kordon which is now proud to serve you during your getaway to the charm of this place.